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How Messianic Judaism is different from Christianity – Joel Chernoff – theDove.us

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deani Dino
deani Dino

Aren't Muslims Arabs like messianic Jews coz they believe Jesus is the messaih

T Klein
T Klein

Of course it’s different. We observe Gods Feast days, not pagan holidays Christians follow that we’re given by Rome. We obey Gods command of keeping Sabbath on Saturday which God have us in Torah. Man did not have the right to change Sabbath.

irnawan silitonga
irnawan silitonga

Greetings, It is written in IITimothy 2:15, “…and who correctly handles the word of truth” (NIV). Correctly handles comes from Greeks Orthotomeo. Orthotomeo literally means cut straight, that is rightly dividing. So, it has to be ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’. We have to divide theword of truth by the principle of trilogy,because in Proverb 22:20, it is written, “Have I not written thirty (Shalosh) sayings for you,sayings of counsel and knowledge”, and if we translate shalosh rightly, then we have, “haveI not written three times sayings for you”. Trilogy means a group of three books, films/movies, etc.that have… Read more »

Ramon Lamberty
Ramon Lamberty

Yeshua or jesus? You have to choose one not both so stop using the Jesus Christ name the Grecorroman god name. Please subscribe to http://www.Youtube.com/VoiceofReform


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