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Human Self_Accountability as per the Quran

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This short presentation explains the human accountability based on the Law of requital as noted in the Quran. The Quran is a book of guidance for the mankind for all times – it is available as an external option as we Do Not have any internal guidance due to the presence of our Free Will. There is nothing within us which can guide us and in the absence of an external source of guidance we just follow our desires which will cause conflicts and unhappiness which we see around us. The Quran refers to our ability to think through our mental abilities and invites us to use this intellect and reasoning to understand the Quran. It invites us to create a Self based on the permanent values and then develop the ability to go to the next stage of life beyond the physical death where further opportunities will be available to rise higher and higher which has no limits. Please see other videos related to this presentation.

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