Is Our Understanding of the Universe Wrong? Featuring Paul Sutter

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Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward (@guest_955)
1 year ago

Paul really annoys me.

Krasnopolsky JORGE ADRIAN
1 year ago

The Universe has always existed.

Arashi Mokuzai
Arashi Mokuzai (@guest_953)
1 year ago

A. infinity is leaking out of critical mass objects, if black holes are a point of infinate density, perhaps space leaks out when matter is converted in to infinate density. but not only is space leaking out so to should dark matter, which should lead to vast super cluster galaxies over time not yet seein in the cosmic web, along with streached out tendrils eventually turning in to a sea of vastly seperated diffrent sized super galaxies. after gravity gives laniakea spin from its dive to the great atractor. in other words black holes leak many types of water they… Read more »

Arashi Mokuzai
Arashi Mokuzai (@guest_952)
1 year ago

if space is like water flowing out of black hoels emit space when they consume matter it would explain their burping behavior lol… hey so do black holes space emissions get squirted out in to the universe, the only thing stoping them from going nutts is how hard it is for matter to enter, and thay they are near objects that over come the amount of space they radiate

Arashi Mokuzai
Arashi Mokuzai (@guest_951)
1 year ago

if i speed humanity up even a little i will find it funny af


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