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Killing Religion, Reviving CHRISTianity | Spoken Word

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Kevin Donohue
Kevin Donohue

Love it!

Jenna Caruthers
Jenna Caruthers

Why don't Christians heed John 1:1??? The Word–we know as the Messiah. What was the "Word" then? What did readers think when they read this? That Yahshua/"Jesus" is the Torah. But then Christians are quick to say "Oh, hey, that doesn't apply to us." They eagerly ignore one entire commandment every single week. They willing substitute their pagan-originated holidays for the feasts of the Most High. And they think nothing of praying for healing when they stuff toxic waste disposal units (unclean meats) into their mouths and then–surprise–get sick. Pro 28:9  He that turns away his ear from hearing the… Read more »


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