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Law of Requital and COVID 19 World and Beyond? 14 Feb 21 – Dr E. Rasool

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This presentation looks at the world of today (2021) and presents an analysis in the light of the working of the Law of Requital as noted by the Quran in the verse (45:22) i.e. Allah created the universe and the earth as Truth (Haqq), so that each self is recompensed for what it does and no one is treated unjustly. Whatever we humans do on this planet it has consequences. According to the Law of Requital, in the human world everything follows laws physical as well as laws dealing with the human psyche. COVID 19 has turned the human world upside down and every part of the globe is affected. In this talk various aspects are covered and then six scenarios are noted from the Quran. The Quran has pointed to the law of rise and fall of nations (or people) and has warned mankind that do not exceed the limits laid down by the Quran otherwise the ruin and chastisement will visit us through our own hands. However, the powerful nations ignore these warnings and keep on transgressing thinking Might is Right and this takes them to a point of no return.
Since the Law of Requital functions very quietly but surely, hence we may not see the negative effects initially – but nearer the destructive end, the signs do start to appear. In this talk six scenarios are presented as follows:
1. Scenario 1 – Verses (14:28-29) – leaders of a nation lead their people to a place where they have no buyer for their product – this is the end of their power.
2. Scenario 2 – Verses (21:11-15) – here the people reach that stage where the effects of their deeds appear in front of their eyes and they try to flee but it is now too late. Before their self-destruction they admit that they have done wrong in the past.
3. Scenario 3 – Verses (16:111-113) – in this model, the nations have attained extreme prosperity by exploiting other poor people in the world. As a consequence due to their own actions the punishment of extreme fear and economic ruin overwhelms them – this is again through their own hands.
4. Scenario 4 – Verses (6:42-45) – in this scenario the nation acquires a lot of prosperity after some sufferings and instead of behaving better, they loose their balance and do injustice in the world. This then leads to their destruction and ruin and such people are eliminated as they loose their power and influence.
5. Scenario 5 – Verses (6:65-67) – Here the nation suffers at the hands of their own leaders and also by mutual divisions and conflicts. Extreme polarisation starts to take place and people start fighting against each other. Ultimately the nation becomes weak and becomes irrelevant.
6. Scenario 6 – Verses (27:81-83) and (6:129) – Here the one nation fights against another nation adn this mutual fight leads to weakening of one and hence another equally unjust nation replaces – however, if there is a good nation in the world, it can also rise as an alternative model for the mankind.

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