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    • How wonderful it is to wake up to a mediterranean sky .
      the sea breeze and glorious sunshine 🌞

      😳😳😳😳 but

      We have got a heat wave!!!!!
      With uncontrollable heat ,
      which could be detrimental
      to your health.

      On top of the War and Economic Crisis, an increase in poverty , fuel crisis and now the Energy Crisis is fast on it’s heals b…View More

    • Food for thought.🧐

      We use to have great leaders!!!

      It makes me really uneasy to see in this current time where people are at the height of intelligence, people have become so demanding and there is No loyalty.

      I can do that better than you!!!,
      instead of saying.
      This is what you can do with my support.

      For me this shows the state of…View More

    • Can you believe it

      In this current time many families are in a state of financial ruin.
      Families struggle to make ends meet while the cost of living will Continue to quadruple at a rate that struggles to balance with inflation.

      We brace ourselves for the next wave which is fast approaching and will reign terror in the lives of every…View More

    • Food for thought!!!!!


      the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
      “your support is of great value”

      Definitions from Oxford Languages

      We have an expectation that family is family friends are friends and associates and acquaintances are simply that,

      what is often over looked is…View More

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