Messianic Judaism vs. Christianity vs. Hebrew Roots vs. Judaism

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Ashley Bailey
Ashley Bailey (@guest_2926)
1 year ago

Finally! A message I have been trying to deliver to people about what i believe but couldn't quite articulate. This is perfectly said!

Haroulla Fanos
Haroulla Fanos (@guest_2925)
1 year ago

We have a conscience a rudder if you like regardless of religion….

smokeybirdman (@guest_2924)
1 year ago

Think about this. Prior to the 15th century there was two churches that orthodox and Catholic, both having very similar beliefs. In the 15th century the invention of the printing press created many Bible and access to more people. This created more religions as everyone interpreted for themselves the bible. But the Catholic and orthodox churches still remain

smokeybirdman (@guest_2923)
1 year ago

Dude you're waay off in your understanding of the new covenant. In Christ we are DEAD TO THE LAW, as Paul says we are baptised into Christ's desth, and therefore are also dead to the law. Please open your eyes to truth

Realsevensaes Tv
Realsevensaes Tv (@guest_2922)
1 year ago

You dropped some real stuff, love it. Yah is speaking through you I believe. 12:4012:50, finally someone who is making sense outta nonsense. meanwhile your description are at odds with what you are saying. Technically you are not a Jew, you are an Israelite.


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