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Muslims Convert to Christianity After Watching This Video – David Wood

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Robert Ota
Robert Ota

May our Heavenly Father reveal the Truth to all who are in darkness and bondage of Satan. Satan created Allah, Islam and every other false religion to mislead everyone from believing in the TRUE God, Eloheim, El Shadai, Yahweh, Emanuel. Satan can possess humans to commit evil deeds and say evil things. In the Bible, Jesus cast out 1,000 demons from a man possessed. Satan is a Liar and Deceiver. Allah didn't die on the Cross for our sins. Allah didn't save the world. Jesus DID. Muhammad was a simple person. Jesus was God in the flesh. Jesus came into… Read more »

I'm Skeptical
I'm Skeptical

Here is the true Muslims caught on the action on the camera!


Lessanework Berhanu
Lessanework Berhanu

The Gospel which, Quran acknowledges as authoritative and divinely inspired book unequivocally and unambiguously asserts the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to save all humanity, yet the same Quran denies this historical fact which is the very theme of the Bible!


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