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Parenting 3 – Finer Aspects from the Quran – Level 1 of Education – Ejaz Rasool – 4th April 2021

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I gave this presentation on the subject which needs the attention of those parents who wish to provide guidance to their children from the Quran and are interested in the development of the self of their children. I make an assumption here that these parents themselves have acquired good understanding of the Eimaan of the Quran and have developed their own self as well. If they have not then they will find it difficult to see the progress of their own children. Secondly, parents are the role models for their children at least up to the time of their initial schooling. Many issues have been mentioned in this talk. I will also recommend to watch the first two talks on this subject. Following is covered here:
1. The state education across the world – it aims to produce individuals for the market economy.
2. Some aspects of the psyche
3. Self-concept
4. Parents need to understand some basics
5. Some guidelines for the study of the Quran
6. Level 1 – teaching
7. Conclusions

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