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Progressive Christianity IS The Antichrist System!

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Johnny Casteel
Johnny Casteel

You were ALMOST right…but failed again.Read 1John carefully…He said there are many antichrist…then immediately after says…" they went out from us…"Bryan I have no I'll will towards you and over the years honestly I have learned a lot from you. Please understand that the Lord of speaking you through me to help you because I know you do not believe in the trinity and that is a VERY good sign I mean almost NOONE can see that truth…You are almost there, and i know deep down inside you want to know the truth and though like me you have gone… Read more »

Alexander Hartley
Alexander Hartley

Definitely NOT getting better.

AgeOf TheMessiah
AgeOf TheMessiah

Jesus Christ returned as he told the apostles and the first Christians he would in their generation, he returned in 70 AD. Jesus Christ has fulfilled all the prophets and law, we are living in the New Age the new Heaven and the new earth based on what Christ Jesus did. Futurism is a lie.

friggen bozo
friggen bozo

no man, you got this one wrong. The Anticrist is the American Progressive movement, from who knows how far back, 100 yrs? they have the blood of the aborted babies and literally the blood of the jews, gypsies and poles from Germany on their hands, Hitler got his ideas from progressive democrats making women sterile etc… in his time. it's been proved 100 percent.Progressive Americans have killed more than any other entity in history, except the flood. How could anybody top the death they have dealt on this planet? If your a progressive keep it to yourself when I'm around,… Read more »


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