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Question and Answer Session – Women Equal Partners of Men by Ubedur Rehman Arain – 21 March 21

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This is the question and answer session connected with the original talk (https://youtu.be/yh5-yfu3mwI). A number of questions were asked by the members some which are related to the following issues:
1. Second marriage issue.
2. Woman being a witness as noted in the verse (2:282).
3. Inheritance issue – making will during our lifetime is absolutely essential.
4. Should we cater for the poor and deprived in our will – it is essential that parents if feel their children do not need all then others who are needy should be included in the will. The Quran has put repeated emphasis on helping others in the world – absolutely essential for the development of the self and for understanding of the system of Deen e.g. (2:177).
5. Regarding marriage the Quran has noted Eimaan as a prerequisite in (2:221). This point discussed in more detail. Also comments included on the verse (5:5) regarding marrying to the people of the book. Eimaan is the basis of selecting a life partner.

Any question or query regarding the issues raised in these two videos please contact through:
E mail on – erasool@aol.com

Previous talk – https://youtu.be/yh5-yfu3mwI

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