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Sananda Maitreya, Roachford and Louis Metoyer perform Children Of The Revolution.

A phenomenal performance from 3 great rock artists. A once in lifetime gig.

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We sure had a Wonderful time performing this Great Classic “Children Of The Revolution” by Marc Bolan & T. Rex on one of the Best Live TV shows “TARATATA” filmed in Paris. We were on 3 times and it felt like home with their very Professional Staff & Sincere Hospitality. Unfortunately they showed the wrong guitarist @ 2:23 creating a 3 Dimensional Stratospheric Dive Bomb at that Guitar Break. Don’t be fooled listening public, Guitarists with Dreads are Rockers too. We’re often heard, but not acknowledged. Thanks for posting this Memorable Video. Enjoy & Turn It Up !!!! Cheers 🙂


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