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Santa Monica Protest Turned Riot Destroys the City! – Los Angeles Protest for George Floyd!

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Santa Monica was completely destroyed by looters this past weekend! This weekend protests broke out in Santa Monica, California for the murder of George …

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Bernard Shakey
Bernard Shakey

Police chief Cynthia Renaud should be forced to resign immediately. This should also apply to the mayor and city Council for dereliction of duty. Miss Renaud actions only promoted the looting and destruction of Santa Monica and is against the oath she took to protect the city of Santa Monica. Her actions have shown to be either complete incompetence or something more nefarious. Among all the communities in Southern California, Santa Monica should be one of the easiest to police. Instead Cynthia Renaud put forth a plan of action that only helped the looting, destruction and anarchy that destroyed Santa… Read more »

Jameson Music
Jameson Music

it had everything to do with the protest.

Jameson Music
Jameson Music

how about take from any people not just your own kind.


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