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SECRET BLACK HISTORY/Moors/Fomorians/Lemurians

In this video

There is so much more than we know. NOBODY HAS A CLUE WHAT HAPPENED. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Please do not take this video in a …

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David Howell-Wyatt
David Howell-Wyatt

I heard gengis Khan had red hair. And the Egyptians hated the kushites(black people), made fun of them and thutmoses the first(moses) stole their gold(aura) and made them worship amun


Look at their faces. They are not Bantu–ie, the stock of people African Americans come from.

Noware Man
Noware Man

Negrocentric falacies never end. Just ignore all the evidence that shows who were the most ancient and indigenous in every geographic area.

Ron EverGrow
Ron EverGrow

You almost had it!!!!!!!! ALMOST!! Shem( afro-asiatic people with full beards and body hair, the Moors are sons of Lot Abraham's nephew, Abraham the Ebo/igbo/heebo/Hebrew, Lot and his sons are Khoisan/the Shang/San li and Xia Empire Of Sina/china/Sin/San all the same; their from Abraham Y Afro chromosome, the Moors are black/ Shemitic afro Asiatic melanated people but dont represent all black people) Ham/African are the people with no body hair or very little and Japheth is the australoid haplogroup ,, all three of Noah sons are melanated people; the sons of lot are also Ammon and Moab they went up… Read more »


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