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The Tulsa Lynching of 1921 (2000) | Black Wall Street | Definitive Documentary

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The Tulsa Lynching of 1921” documents what is probably the worst race riot in American history. Director Michael Wilkerson tells the harrowing story cleanly and …

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Necha B.
Necha B.

They left this out of History to ERASE OUR HISTORY. They profited and built off of US! Even when we ran we were STALKED and everything the Black Hands worked for were stolen , We were ALWAYS slandered and mistreated. So when we say BLACK LIVES MATTER you may not agree but I guarantee you WILL FEEL IT. It’s Spiritual WARFARE this is a direct insult to GOD. In due time justice will be served . Rise AND Fall of Jim Crow is a documentary that will break your heart but this is HIDDEN and has been for YEARS!


THIS HIDDEN HISTORY IS HORRIFYING!!! I'm sending it to all my friends and family and posting it on my page. Thank you so much to all involved in making this documentary.

Ivy Reid
Ivy Reid

They did this to Black Canadians in Halifax after WWl it was a massacre they were dropping bombs the exact same thing

paul leftwick
paul leftwick

Same as Christian schools eugenicists slave school


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