What kind of world do we live in?


This is a very valid question and perhaps one that we shirk from answering at times. What does one tell a child who asks that very same question? I don’t suppose it’s as simple as saying the world is beautiful or antithetically terrible.

We live in a world where bad boys are a catch for women, where people bag dog faeces and feel good about binning it. We live in a world of extreme excess whilst some experience a life of poverty. We live in a world of gender fluidity and religious suppression. Some love meat and others rage at the thought of it. Some preach kindness whilst others cannot wait to shut the door on anything remotely different.

So this world isn’t just about one person’s interpretation and it is everyone’s guess as to what I might say if asked such a question.

But the truth is, this is a most interesting and special world. It is as unique as they come and all of us that are lucky enough to experience it, to live on it, to touch the sand with your toes, you ought to be very grateful.

This is a world that you can change with your every reaction. You can experience it with a smile or a frown. You can be brave or fearful, depressed or energised, lost or found.

This is the kind of world that can lift you on it’s shoulders or push you to the ground. But make the most of every moment as this world can make dreams come true and fears fade if you believe in the impossible being possible.
It is a world of togetherness, structure, imperfection, cultures, diversity, love and pain. It is everything and more. A cage and an open field, a brightly coloured bird and a jet black raven.

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Love this! Really inspired me! Thought provoking as well. Today is the day! 💥💥💥💥

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Reply to  lovepotion

That was so well written @lovepotion I loved reading this!

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Reply to  Karen

@Karen It is great! I was so impressed! Thank you Clusterview for making my day!


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