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Why Muhammad (SAW) is the ‘Only Model Forever’ for Humanity? By DR Hamid Mian – 18 April 2021

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This talk covers a number of aspects of the life of the last messenger of Allah Muhammad (PBUH) who received the final revelation from Allah (as a Nabi) and then passed it on to mankind as a Rasul of Allah. He established an Islamic state based on the value system of the Quran which was truly a welfare state which catered for the needs of the human self as well as of the physical body. He served as a model in every respect as a human being and demonstrated by his personal example that the Quranic teachings can be understood and followed and the system of Deen can be established.
In this talk the speaker has covered some historical background to throw light on the state of the humanity at that time (Verse 30:41). He then explained what a complete revolution looks like in three fields i.e. Political, Economic and Social. Muhammad managed to create a new order out of the old rotten order in which humanity was enslaved and was looking for someone who could help to remove their visible and invisible chains. His was a complete revolution which encompassed all three spheres of life. He did it with the help of Allah and his companions under the guidance of the Quran in an amazingly short period of time. The human outlook transformed and his era became the starting of a new phase in the human progress in this world. Indeed humanity accelerated its progress as a consequence of this revolution of hearts and minds brought by Rasul-ullah.
He himself reached the peak of eminence as a human being as noted by the Quran (53:7, 68:4) and served as a model for those who accepted the Quranic guidance from the core of their hearts – called Eimaan. He thus became the model for whole of mankind by bringing that supreme revolution in human thought and the outer world – the Quran has the potential to do it again if we are prepared to follow his example.
Muhammad (SAW) strived very hard day and night and followed the Quran precisely and achieved the results as he fully understood the significance of Wahi (Revelation) and inspired all those who also accepted Allah’s message through their own free choice. This supreme change within their own selfs transformed these ordinary human beings into a highly motivated and eminent Jamaat which showed to whole of humanity for all times that no man has the right to rule another man – man is born free and is entitled to respect and dignity (17:70) and must stay free. Mankind need to follow the Quranic values in which sovereignty belongs to Allah and man enjoys maximum freedom – this freedom helps him to make right choices in life without any fear. The self which develops in this way lives a truly free life in this world and then goes to the hereafter to develop further.
Dr Hamid then explained the concept of Sovereignty, Ownership and social discrimination. He elaborated the concept of Tawheed (Oneness of Allah). Ultimately humanity is going to come to the system of Deen as predicted by the Quran (9:33) after going through all kinds of trials and tribulations. Reference was also made to the man made systems which have always created problems in the world. He referred to various verses to support his line of argument – these are noted in this talk.
For further reading see the book ‘Meraj e Insaniyat’ by G. A. Parwez.
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