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WITCHCRAFT in Christians, Kids, Science, Politics + Religions | Dr. Gene Kim

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Emily Coxie
Emily Coxie

Thank you pastor Kim for not being afraid to speak God's truth in this sinful world. Thank you for never quieting His truth in a world that would silence it.

Hans Bongartz
Hans Bongartz

Goverment comes from frensh ,wich means to govern and ment wich means to lie i,we know who governs the world brothers and sisters ,their end is near ,amen.

Cat in canada
Cat in canada

You are the only pastor I have seen, and ive seen many, including priests, that is teaching the truth. The ONLY one ive seen and im old enough to say that with impact. Thank you and GOD bless you in the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Your videos should have a million views but instead the crazy, whacko joel osteens of the world get stupid rich and that other crazy old guy who bought a plane and told his followers God told him he needed it LOL. I mean you just cant make this stuff up LOL. The way,… Read more »

Light Zero
Light Zero

Thank you lord jesus christ thank pastor I need help struggle with sin and demons help me father in heaven


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