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Do We Live In An Infinite Universe? Featuring Paul Sutter

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joe caterman
joe caterman

28:02 m-theory disagrees. …. way I saw it, the 3d are bound to our space… you cannot leave our universe with 3-dimension and if you're electro-magnetic (all matter) you travel in 3d. However, one or more of the other dimension allows you to leave / reach the edge. Our universe is known as a "braine"… an expanding compartment if you will. And there are other universes.

Kristopher Driver
Kristopher Driver

This was an especially fun listen, thanks much

B Vyner
B Vyner

We just dont know enough about anything. perfect example is dark matter or dark energy it makes up (i think) 99% of the universe and we dont know what it is. Hard to come up with a theory of everything missing 99% of the puzzle. As for the search for like its pretty much the same analogy but worse, as we have just begun the search and we have looked at .00000000000000001% of the puzzle and saying no life. Everything we are doing now is at is total infancy it just might not look like it to us as we… Read more »


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