Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Announces Blue Moon Lunar Lander with Alan Boyle

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lurch ibold
lurch ibold (@guest_1381)
1 year ago

personally i think bezos is only after maximising profit and advancing the lesure activities for the super rich otherwise he would be on the moon already. its a shame musk hasn't got his fortune as i believe that elon's drive to advance mankind is genuine. bezos however, when he mentions anything to do with the advancement of humans, its either for p.r, or only aplies to those humans who can buy a country. he should change his surname to burns. i know not everybody will agree but thats just what i think of him.

Capt777harris (@guest_1380)
1 year ago

3:29 Well, the Apollo LEM was twice as tall as Armstrong and the other astronauts. I'm not sure I see the significance here.

TraditionalAnglican (@guest_1379)
1 year ago

Blue Origin is developing something called New Armstrong which will be able to lift Orion & its ESM (or a similar spacecraft) along with the BO Lunar Lander. FYI, SLS, as designed, will not be able to send Orion, its ESM & any LEM (let alone a 15+ ton BO Lunar Lander) into TLI, and that’s after spending a total of $38B in development costs & $1B/launch!

iur sotnas
iur sotnas (@guest_1378)
1 year ago

yeah! lets build Rama!!!


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