Colonizing Mars: What To Do If There Is Life In The Ground Water

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mike harding
mike harding (@guest_1283)
1 year ago

Zubrin is a fruitcake, no point going to Mars, there is Nothing there…..

TheTayz (@guest_1282)
1 year ago

An act is "bad if it does more harm to people than good." I always hated this utilitarian sort of reasoning when it concerns important matters, especially rights, because it's too simplistic to construct a sane worldview around. Say that Dr. Zubrin's neighbors would hypothetically be better off if they could steal everything he owned and exile him and absorb what was his into themselves; would he have no right to it because the net benefit was for it to belong to others? Forgive the contrived example, but I believe some acts are just morally wrong regardless of whether or… Read more »

joshmnky (@guest_1281)
1 year ago

I'd personally rather see us focusing on large scale industrialization of asteroids to make ships and stations. Terraforming Mars will take so long, it'd be a lot faster to build up the space-ways first. Maybe I'm biased because I'd rather live in a Bernal Sphere or O'Neil Cylinder.

lormendi (@guest_1280)
1 year ago

Was enjoying JMG and EH sooo much as an escape from politics. Wish he hadnt gotten into Columbus haha! Aside from discovering America frim the perspective of Europe, he was also a nasty, mean asshole. Anyway….love the acience.

Necaradan666 (@guest_1279)
1 year ago

Nuke 'em from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.


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