Do Galaxies with No Dark Matter Prove it Exists? Featuring Shany Danieli

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Simon Coles
Simon Coles (@guest_1189)
1 year ago

would be interested to know how they track stellar motion within a galaxy when stars take thousands of years to even move noticeably? I mean I understand that all you need to observe is an extremely tiny movement which can then be used to extrapolate, but it really amazes me that it's even possible to determine the speed of galaxy rotation at all.

Unchosen Zombie
Unchosen Zombie (@guest_1188)
1 year ago

Do you ever stop, take a step back and just marvel at how much bullshit you believe with no evidence? it really is astounding.

Pray for Mojo
Pray for Mojo (@guest_1187)
1 year ago

Wow that's a great analogy!!

Ian Hargis
Ian Hargis (@guest_1186)
1 year ago

Are you sure the math just isn't wrong?


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