From Galileo to Isaac Newton Featuring Paul Sutter

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Diana the Warrior
Diana the Warrior (@guest_1091)
1 year ago

Dissing Giordano Bruno like this and not even mentioning that he was murdered by the inquisition for his free thinking is just a special sort of wrong!

Herry (@guest_1090)
1 year ago

god ! Ha, ha, ha, ha… Fool.

Mate Jebach
Mate Jebach (@guest_1089)
1 year ago

Why Kepler was talking to "God"? I don't know, but is he really mad, like scientists often becomes in his work, or it was very helpful in contacts with Jesuits, Dominicans and inquisition, when he have to defend his ideas in order not to have problems like Giordano Bruno, Galileo or others?Also, Giordano Bruno came in public with idea that there is more suns in the Universe, that that are Stars which all have planets, that there is Universe like we see it now. And defend it, won catholic church in establishing that idea? And he haven't any contribution??? Sorry… Read more »

pgantioch43 (@guest_1088)
1 year ago

No link to the original Godier channel?

Free Ratikals Saturated Energy Band
1 year ago

Fascinating! 🙂


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