Why Alien Civilizations May Be Moving To Galaxy Clusters

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Scorch428 (@guest_985)
1 year ago

Theres no intelligent life within any meaningful distance of us…

Peter Karig
Peter Karig (@guest_984)
1 year ago

Need to solve the cosmic ray shielding issue, as galaxy clusters will have much more radiation issues, but maybe with the extra resources extra power to run the electromagnetic shielding will be easy to acquire for space ships, and the right planets with electromagnetic shielding like Earth or better could be found.

Anthony Butler
Anthony Butler (@guest_983)
1 year ago

This man is obviously a genius but he is talking in time scales which are laughable; man has been civilized, if you want to call it that, for maybe 10 000 years so making it through another ten thousand years without being wiped out by the odd major catastrophe, maybe of our making, would be impressive enough…

John Doe
John Doe (@guest_982)
1 year ago

Could I get the name of the music in the video if anybody knows? Starts around 4:00

AliveWithPassion (@guest_981)
1 year ago

First time here! All I can say, I love your channel, subscribed now and notifications turned on! I’m going to take a look at your other channel as well. If it’s anything like this, I’ll be subscribed with notifications on.


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