Will We Colonize Our Solar System? with Dr. Robert Zubrin

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Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell (@guest_975)
1 year ago

I been waiting for those 50 years for us to go back to the moon! I am still waiting, all those times we would hear that NASA was about to do it again? And lots of extra money was given to them by a incoming President to land humans back on the moon. NASA would boast we got all these lovely plans for that! You watch out we will be doing the missions in a couple of years… and we wait and wait.. and lots of fancy plans and designs and models and mock-ups come along. and Nothing happens no… Read more »

J Rich
J Rich (@guest_974)
1 year ago

The USA will never make another rocket. Congress is spending billions, across several states, to make a worse system than the shuttle. India and China have the scientists and money to compete with SpaceX.

Virtual Sky Tate
Virtual Sky Tate (@guest_973)
1 year ago

The reaction between methane and oxygen produces water and most importantly CO2 (carbon dioxide)
. We are already destroying our planet by changing it's climate we last thing we need is to speed the process .

brajamtho757 (@guest_972)
1 year ago

Lol. Intercontinental civilian transport via space make NO sense. And never will.


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