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Where is Planet 9? with Dr. Konstantin Batygin

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James Armstrong
James Armstrong

Planet IX is an odd object like LGBTQ community – look simular to a normal planet but is weird to the core.

James Armstrong
James Armstrong

Of course there is a Planet IX which is made of dark matter & propelled by dark energy – on a collision course with earth but we can destroy IX by over heating their atmosphere with CO2 – simply send all our warming extremists & warming scientists who produce volumes of CO2 to IX. Al Gore should be on the first rocket.

Pennywise The dancing clown
Pennywise The dancing clown

Sorry but being a dr means nothing at all I am a astrophysicist and almost all of us know it's not real if anything it's a asteroid there not a planet stop lying and trying to spread fear


I've thought about the possibility of a 10th planet myself, and we could actually have even more then that. Wouldn't it be interesting if we actually discovered planet 10 before we found planet 9? That is to say, we found a planet that we thought was the 9th, then years later we find another planet that is actually closer.


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