Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Science Fiction Authors?

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ScoriacTears (@guest_1044)
2 years ago

4:28 You dont stop doing something you love, just because someone else is better at that task than you are, so why stop doing something you love when "something" sitting under a desk, is better at it, than you. . . . oh! and if I had access to the kind of thinking substrate of which you laterly spake, I would be posting my only copy of Consider Phlebas strait into the destructive digitizer before you could say "Digital ascension" and if the movie was as good as I think it would be! I would light incense, say good bye… Read more »

LaserGuidedLoogie (@guest_1043)
1 year ago

This is ignorant and naive horseshit.
AI will be controlled by SOMEONE, or it will control us itself.
Either outcome is undesirable.
In either situation, most of humanity will be seen as expendable.
If you replace everything that humans do, with an "AI" then there will be no point to humans.


AW Crowe
AW Crowe (@guest_1042)
1 year ago

alphago is pretty rudimentary. I agree get rid of the jobs and then get rid of the people.

Opera (@guest_1041)
1 year ago

If we can create smart AI why cannot be biologically enhance ourselfs so that we could become even smarter?

IgorD (@guest_1040)
1 year ago

Where to watch full version? This one got me soooooo hooked up! NEED. TO WATCH. MORE…


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