Can We Solve Fermi's Paradox? with Dr. Duncan Forgan

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Menty (@guest_1024)
1 year ago

Fantastic episode. You really deserve to have 100's of thousands of subs at the minimum!

Eric Manuel
Eric Manuel (@guest_1023)
1 year ago

It's us human are alien!! For sure!!! You see when you go & migrants to another country we are called alien because we're not a citizen of that country like the USA today !Thank you

Shane Creamer
Shane Creamer (@guest_1022)
1 year ago

I would love to see a Sequence of shows exploring the latest Habitable Zone findings, perhaps even with interviews from the scientists who made the discoveries? Known Current Habitable zones as of 2019 – Water habitable zone – Ultraviolet/Radiation habitable zone – Photosynthetic habitable zone – Ozone habitable zone – Planetary rotation rate habitable zone – Planetary obliquity habitable zone – Tidal habitable zone – Astrosphere habitable zone – Electric wind habitable zone – Milankovich cycle zone – Stellar magnetic wind zone – Carbon dioxide zone – Carbon monoxide zone   For host stars with an effective temperature more than… Read more »

Sean Moonshine
Sean Moonshine (@guest_1021)
1 year ago

did you know America has apparently lost 7 nukes?

Mind of the North Star
Mind of the North Star (@guest_1020)
1 year ago

Damn YouTube… They unsubscribed me from this channel


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