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The Universe's Endgame with Christian Ready

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Edward Ureña
Edward Ureña

Your Channels are amazing! Do you have a plan open them in apple podcast? That would be great, thanks.

Phil S
Phil S

Evidently "more mature" Red Dwarf stars might be a very useful location for "life as we know it" planetary real estate! I was under the impression that the "Goldilocks Zone" for such stars was so close in that any planet(s) in that zone would be tidally locked, which might not be that good a thing. However it might be very interesting to see how any civilisation evolving (or migrating to) such a star would use such a characteristic – one side uniformly hot, the other side uniformly cold. I have visions of a "Planetary Ring-World" with a concentration of civilisation… Read more »

Fran Tabor
Fran Tabor

Those tholins ate being underestimated. There are life forms deep in our crust that live life slow motion. Perhaps those tholins are alive, and generate enough static electricity to join any two objects that get within range.


The solution to the Fermi paradox, is that humans are violent, aggressive, murderous creatures who can't live amongst ourselves and on our planet without warring and finding new ways to kill each other. We use all our most advanced technologies to build better ways to massacre ourselves. If an alien species had any sense of self preservation, they would take one look at how we treat each other and our planet, and turn around, leaving is here to destroy ourselves, and not them. We have nothing to offer an alien species, except genocide. If we kill each other on a… Read more »


here's Mr. Ready's mentor announcing the discovery of a super-earth around Bernard Star..




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