How To Colonize The Moon And Mars Featuring Author of The Martian Andy Weir

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jgcalc (@guest_1198)
1 year ago

Mining the moon would be extremely profitable.

MrVillabolo (@guest_1197)
1 year ago

It was mentioned (45:20) that the moon has no carbon or hydrogen and thus it would be reliant on earth for it. However, we can get a carbonaceous asteroid or a comet, with carbon dioxide and water ice, into lunar orbit. That can give us millions of tons worth of raw materials.

Christopher Woit
Christopher Woit (@guest_1196)
1 year ago

Omg I love this channel I’ll have to read your books soon.

SomeBlueKind (@guest_1195)
1 year ago

Hopefully I get some serious answers, even though I recognize this potentially isn't the most appropriate forum. I respect JMG, and I've been an anti-theist for years now. Does anyone else get both exhilarated and "intellectually fatigued" by the, at least to me, ability of fundamental answers in science to keep slipping through our fingers of understanding? Things we may potentially (to my layman knowledge) NEVER know:What happened before the CMB?Why can't we know the spin and location of electrons simultaneously? Is this just a curiosity, or for a reason?How big is the universe?How did the universe originate?Should we conclude,… Read more »


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