How Does SETI Search for Alien Civilizations? With Seth Shostak

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Moonrazor King
Moonrazor King (@guest_1208)
1 year ago

SETI is not really looking for signals of life to prove life exists off planet… But how to cover them up when found.

Play Geetar
Play Geetar (@guest_1207)
1 year ago

Seti at home, you can be part of it

Damian P
Damian P (@guest_1205)
1 year ago

Soa I read the tittle and thought to myself I bet John interviewed Seth Shostak for this. Clicked and of course your channel never ever compromises. If I was an alien I'd tune into you.

Margote (@guest_1204)
1 year ago

Seth, you and i have spoken many times over email and you'll recall the questions i asked you and what you responded to me. With the DOD finally coming out and admitting about their project of tracking UFO's and other phenomena, and what they've disclosed, can i now assume that you were lying to me? Why didn't you just come clean right from the beginning of our talks? Now you have lost all credibility with me. I knew you guys were in a cover up, but you refused to admit it.


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