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Albert Einstein and General Relativity Featuring Paul Sutter

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Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy
Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy

"the economic anarchy of capitalism is the root of all evil." – Albert Einstein

Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly

einstein took the train to & from his gig in the swiss patent office,where he got formal training in describing how the various devices & contraptions worked,during those commutes,he imagined every path light would take moving through the train at rest ,forward,light from the side through the other window,light bending, curving because of the trains velocity forward,

Sinister Minister
Sinister Minister

Well John you now you're getting more and more popular when the trolls come out to play. I love all these armchair experts who are stunning examples of the Dunning- Kruger effect. I at least am smart enough to know that I'm not that smart.

Marco Aurelio A.
Marco Aurelio A.

Was the universe born by chance or it was inevitable?


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