Can We Travel Faster Than Light? with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre

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Tom de Hoop
Tom de Hoop (@guest_1238)
1 year ago

Any universe in the multiverse has it's own Natural Constants, which came to life at the start of a Big Bang by a Big Explosion of all energy collected into a Black Hole into it's now terminating Singularity (this singularity only exists at the moment of collapse of the BH!). Only particles / objects all with the same max. speed-of- zero rest-mass gravitons & photons always move with this max speed. As soon as particles with different max speeds interact with one-another it appears math. that they just cannot "see one-another", any two different universes in the multiverse are complete… Read more »

Johanna Jimenez
Johanna Jimenez (@guest_1237)
1 year ago

Ok i seen the Orange lines in the sky over santa monica california explaine that …..

David Wright
David Wright (@guest_1236)
1 year ago

How about warp drive highways start out with highways to space city's first next to planetary stations and factories that the byproducts are helping the planets as needed. Also have other plans for needed planetary factory change. So black holes have transformed matter and so on into stuff that can be used in another dimension of folded time space we may be able to interact with someday.

The Subjective Truth
The Subjective Truth (@guest_1235)
1 year ago

Wouldn't space be expanding faster then the light speed limit because as it expands out further it is less effected by gravitational fields? I so want to understand the math instead of my silly thought experiments.

Paul (@guest_1234)
1 year ago

how do you turn going that fast?


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