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Finding Solutions to the Fermi Paradox with Harvard's Dr. Avi Loeb

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Melkam Al
Melkam Al

Why bother looking and searching for aliens. If they are out there, let them find us.

Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon

If there’s life on Proxima B, it likely developed over time on one side or the other. It would have evolved accustomed to either light & warmth, or cold & dark … so why would we expect them to have engineered a system of redistributing light/heat to even-out both sides?

For instance, if the light side was 100*F, but you grew up in the 0*F completely dark side and were adjusted/suited to that, why would you put energy into a massive, planet-spanning project just to make your environment ~50*F & dimly-lit?

Steven Binch
Steven Binch

Profound words at around 39 minutes.

Laz Raz
Laz Raz

I’m not against, humanity becoming machines maybe we can spread biological versions of ourselves to habitable planets and be the aliens to them lol they would have to evolve in their own and question the universe for themselves.

abcd efgh
abcd efgh

So in 50k or 50 million years umuamua is gonna swing back around exactly as it did this time as if to ask, "do you get it this time?"

I wish they had gone a bit more into that last topic, I didn't really get what they were saying. I mean I got the tongue in cheek implication assuming an alien force but I didn't understand the important bits


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