Why Dinosaurs Would Have Ruled the Earth Featuring Dr. Steve Brusatte

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Angel White
Angel White (@guest_1313)
1 year ago

I don't think it went like this ..the high oyxigin on earth made the animal is grow big …. We have 60% less just now .ice contains fresh water and oxygen they may start getting bigger .dragon flys are the same just lots smaller .the great white smaller .megladon even crocodiles .And dino they find cut the amount by 1/3 as a baby looks different from a adult dino they change so much ..

Never Know
Never Know (@guest_1312)
1 year ago

Simplified … I wanted to write a book that would make $$$$$$$$$$

Mike Mason
Mike Mason (@guest_1311)
1 year ago

But i don't believe in evolution.

Sod 'em!
Sod 'em! (@guest_1310)
1 year ago

I bet Steve is a right party pooper at the Flat-Head's Convention?

Htos 1
Htos 1 (@guest_1309)
1 year ago

Hey! I HAVE a house in Florida, on the 14th hole, and a palm tree in the backyard! But I LOVE science(there's a rocket base here, but don't tell anyone).


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