Do You Live in a Simulation? Featuring Dr. Travis Langley

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the therorist
the therorist (@guest_1254)
1 year ago

this is another distraction…..we ALREADY live in a simulation of life….you work all the time and never LIVE….you watch TV AND VIDEOS that are NOT reality….you learn things in school that are NOT reality….the first electric cars were produced in the 1830s…almost 200 years ago and now you think Elon Musk has done so thing amazing….they say we are going to mars…we cant even live in the dessert here on earth and we have AIR !!….the money isn't real…your relationships aren't real…everyone lives on their cell phones that instagram snapchat crap isn't real…politics aren't real…everyone lies about their life…the waters… Read more »

Apache Driver
Apache Driver (@guest_1253)
1 year ago

It's the philosophical question of grandfather's axe. If you replace the axe head and later replace the handle, is it still your grandfather's axe?
Watch ALTERED CARBON for a story of uploaded consciousness. Interesting take on it.

Panzer Raven
Panzer Raven (@guest_1252)
1 year ago

Upload my brain? No thanks.. Especially when you get older existence can by pretty painful.. I don't want to be immortal.

JE Moody
JE Moody (@guest_1251)
1 year ago

This guy is dumb.


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