Is Science Not Taking Enough Risks? With Avi Loeb

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Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin (@guest_1419)
1 year ago

Slurp that snot buddy.

Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin (@guest_1418)
1 year ago

If you find CFCs in the atmosphere then the civilization probably destroyed itself. Yup sounds about right.

Marciel Luta
Marciel Luta (@guest_1417)
1 year ago

What were if some civilization was became so advanced and they are some nomands and travels from one solar system to others ,and does consume for them tecnological development all the resource, and when the resource are to end ,they does moved to another star system ,with all them huges star ships .The last year in the september moon one scientist womens from the mexico observatory, the gina maria , have seen around our star a huge star ship ,they have refuell them ship with the energy from our star, the fbi was there and have teken all them records… Read more »

kurtu5 (@guest_1416)
1 year ago

CFCs would not mean the civilization is stupid. Just because our planet needs protection from UV, does not mean all planets need it. Life there may not care one wit about UV and evolved natural protection against it. On Earth, life has hormesis with "low" levels of radiation. It is very narrow to assume that other civilizations are stupid because they are not perfectly aligned with our political agendas.

MAWL02 (@guest_1415)
1 year ago

God that tongue in cheek AI woman is so ridiculous. It really distracts and is unnecessary, you should cut it from your shows.


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