Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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Excard0n (@guest_2266)
1 year ago

Answer: No. R/Savedyouaclick

Talha Zencirkıran
Talha Zencirkıran (@guest_2265)
1 year ago

Is Islam religion of peace?That is very wrong question. And this woman is lying. İf she read qur an she cant say anything about that.If you read and if your mind is ok you can understand.The terorists are not muslim. They are just trying to smudge Islam. Our Qur an s first sentence is "read".İf you read u you can understand we are not jew we havent got any order to kill people.That is not god said to us.In Islam if you kill 1 person you killed all of humanity.

Thomas Lindenthal
Thomas Lindenthal (@guest_2264)
1 year ago

Ja die Wahrheit ist heute schon ein Verbrechen

Cipi Bella
Cipi Bella (@guest_2263)
1 year ago

Kebenaran pasti terbuka dan kebohongan meskipun ditutupi bau busuknya akan tetap tercium

AJtheory (@guest_2262)
1 year ago

Islam is a 'religion' of ENDGAME , not peace. Islamic 'peace' is a LIE, a play-on-words, a JOKE upon the west and civilization! Islamists want the world to 'submit' to their totalitarian, anti-freedom IDEALOGY , by force, trickery or other nefarious means!


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