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      Wendy posted in the group 50 / 50

      3 years, 3 months ago

      Wash your hands

      Your hands naturally have germs on them. Some live naturally on the hands, others are picked up as a result of touching objects or surfaces (e.g. tables, chairs, beds) as we go about our daily lives. This is quite normal and doesn’t pose a risk.

      As alarming as this sound., most viruses are eaten and incubate and then excreted through the nose and mouth. and as we go about our merry way We unintentionally infect others.

      How ever there are some people who deliberately infecting others.😱
      So keep washing your hands for at least 20 second with soap and warm water. Wash Back and front of your hands.

      Use a good moisturiser because crack dry hands is a greater breeding ground for germs

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