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      Wendy posted in the group 50 / 50

      2 years, 3 months ago

      Covid has hit the world like a storm. It Has broken hearts stolen lives.Destroyed businesses caused Devastating affect on remaining businesses and is about to cause a downturn in our economy worldwide.

      The future is uncertain in all areas but all we can do is brace ourselves in case we get caught up in the fallout

      What’s this got to do with 50-50!!!
      when you’re over 50
      Unfortunately experience might not be enough to guarantee your future so it’s time to consider !

      Ask yourself……..

      Am I relevant😳!!!
      after Furlough

      Only relevant in that moment.
      So use that moment.🤔

      Are you current.
      Be real!
      Only for that moment.😐
      can your experience keep your job?

      Are your skills up-to-date.🥺

      do you need to retrain or Repackaged or Rebrand 🙄 probably so do it.

      What will people say? Who cares, you do, do it anyway ! ☹️

      Don’t get left on the shelf because you’re not current.

      What are your hobbies or additional skills. could they build new businesses ??🤔

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      • It has done more damage than anyone initially considered. We hoped their would have been a strategy for a pandemic. We’ve watched enough films on pandemics.

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