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My Fundamental Gripe With Christianity

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Arcadia Occult Curio Shop Autumn Storm Hp
Arcadia Occult Curio Shop Autumn Storm Hp

I practice the oldest religion in the world in the Indigenous religion of Western Europe the religion of Witchcraft, and Christianity spent nine hundred years mass-murdering 9 million men women and children in their pursuit of the destruction of my religion. All three abrahamic religions have never been religions of peace and the abrahamic religions have been a Scourge on this planet ever since the first abrahamic religion. At least we Witches are honest we don't forgive and we don't forget!
Blessed be…Autumn Storm Hp


So, according to your logic, Christians who sin, will carry on sinning because they know God will forgive them. That's easily countered!

Watch the testimony of David Wood (see link below) and explain to me why he did not carry on being a violent psychopathic criminal after his conversion to Christianity. According to your logic he should be the same if not worst after his conversion.

Hint: When people have supernatural experiences where they believe God has spoken to them it changes their desire to want to sin!



Amir Ahmed
Amir Ahmed

A reality Jesus is not God ,it is a useless for the Christians to believe him as a God

Tariq Bad
Tariq Bad

Please correct me, if I got you wrong.Christianity/Islam encourage their believers to sin because they can repent and they get forgiveness.Don't use religious people this kind of argument against atheists/agnostics/unbelievers as well?Atheism encourage wrongdoings (~sins) because their missing faith leaves them without morality, they will live therefore an immoral sinful life?Isn't it always religion /nationalism /ideas of superiority which leads to the worst inhumane actions people commit?

Ali Jazani
Ali Jazani

I think one of the biggest mysteries of the world is understanding ex-muslims who turn to another religion. If you were fine with believing in an imaginary god before ,what made you see through the B.S and then again turn to another imaginary god ? If you are naive enough , the only thing you need to be able to believe in a certain god is to be born into a random religion at a random place on earth then you will believe for the rest of your life that your god is the one and only .


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