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Should Christians Listen To Secular Music?

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Angel c
Angel c

Trinitarian’s are not Christians

Tasha Jade
Tasha Jade

This is something that God has spoken to me about. I've started hearing the actual meanings of so many secular songs, songs that I love and really enjoy singing. Music is such a HUGE part of my life but now I'm more aware of what I'm listening to, and also what my son hears too.

Jennifer Post
Jennifer Post

The only secular songs I enjoyed are the old classics like the jazz, romantic r&b, classic rock but when it comes to Christian music it's all contemporary, elevation worship, literally all styles of their music. Love listening to Pentecostal gospel worship. It is my motivation to get through my job to pay my bills and rent on a super tight budget especially when I get home and want to cry myself to sleep through EXHAUSTION and beyond STRESSED OUT. I play Pandora Christian music and I fall asleep and wake up with worship songs stuck in my head all day.… Read more »

Jenessa Gibbs
Jenessa Gibbs

These videos are so good, I can relate with Paul on so many topics!


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