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The five major world religions – John Bellaimey

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Abdul Rouf P
Abdul Rouf P

Purified version of all religion is Islam. Please Don't learn Islam from terrorist and bad muslim. Because they are not learned Islam expect 2 or 3 verses.
I just shared a truth that I found, you can take or ignore..
Respect All

Namdev Patil
Namdev Patil

Im hindu , hinduism is also known as sanatana dharma . Dharma means truth. The path of dharma is in existence from time immorial . No one has defined certain time of its birth, it is not religion of book . Buddhism and sikhism and jainism are branches from hinduism. Important teaching is ishwar (god) is everywhere and so everyone is devine and is attached to devinity.

Rebel Sayem
Rebel Sayem

Amazing vedio

array s
array s

These 5 major religions forbid human's sacrifice. That's why they survived into the modern wordl.


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