Ricky Gervais And Stephen Go Head-To-Head On Religion

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tommyfromthearmy (@guest_1560)
1 year ago

It breaks my heart how many of you don't believe in god, If you prayed and gave it a chance you would know without a shadow of a doubt god exists and is very real, there is a reason why so many people and some very intelligent ones believe without a doubt and not crazies like seeing ghosts and ufos but seriously believe. If I was a non believer I would want to know for sure especially with whats resting on my decision heaven or hell, if you want to know for yourself without anyone telling you what to believe… Read more »

san paulo
san paulo (@guest_1559)
1 year ago

No god. No hell

Jerry Tom
Jerry Tom (@guest_1558)
1 year ago

His idea of talking about religion means only attacking Christianity but never saying anything about Islam, or any other group,least not about his Jewish bosses.

Kaas Kop
Kaas Kop (@guest_1557)
1 year ago

When Stephen Colbert's doctor prescribes him medication he simply takes it without questioning the science. Similarly we believe astrophysicists when they teach us about their theories. What a ridiculous argument.

jerik de jesus
jerik de jesus (@guest_1556)
1 year ago

the problem with this debate, they are putting God in a SCIENCE and LOGIC discussion. God never operated in logic and science in the first place. the normal mind cannot comprehend what was and what is.


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