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The Purpose of Human Creation PART 2 – The Quranic View – by Dr E Rasool – 14 March 21

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This is the second part of the talk on the subject which covers the following aspects of the human creation as noted by the Quran:
1. The human creation is for a great purpose i.e. to participate in the creation of Allah in this world and then create a new self in this process for taking part in the creation in the hereafter.
2. If man (and woman) succeeds in creating a self in this life then an immortal career awaits him in the life of the hereafter.
3. The Quran explains the nature of the world which a non-Quranic self creates in this world – this is explained by quoting some verses by the speaker e.g. verse (2:30).
4. Two paths of life are elucidated by mentioning their characteristics – tow different kind of thinking emerge for each path.
5. Iqbal is quoted to illustrate some verses of the Quran which point to the human psyche and its potentials to create a new world in which every human child is respected as a human being at birth.
6. How to remove fear of death? This aspect is briefly discussed in relation to human psyche and the Quranic verses e.g. (62:6).
7. Does Allah exist? This aspect is elaborated briefly – He does exist and we need to look for the signs.
8. How will the system of Deen look like? This aspect is outlined to get a glimpse of it. For further study please read the following books:
1. The Human Self and Iblees by G A Parwez
2. What is Islam by G A Parwez
3. The Human Self and Allah by G A Parwez
Any further questions – e mail erasool@aol.com
You can also contact through Islamicdawn.com.
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