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Why Tulsa? Watchmen Ep 1 Review & History of The Tulsa Race Riot from a Tulsa Native

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What happened in Tulsa in 1921? As a Tulsa native I can explain what happened. What happened is known as the Tulsa Race Riot (Massacre) of 1921. Intro to …

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Cynical Peach
Cynical Peach

Great video man and it's great that the show is shinning a light on the horrific event.

Titan Gamer 17
Titan Gamer 17

So man, can you make a video involving your reaction, a review and an analysis of Season 5 of Samurai Jack? Your choice, really!

Randy Young
Randy Young

I first heard about it last year on NPR. Afterwards I read more about it online. I was both fascinated and appalled that this never came up in ANY of my history classes growing up. It makes me wonder: what else are the textbooks missing? Anyway, great review!


Great video. You just got a new subscriber.


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