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Women – Equal Partners of Men: The Quranic Perspective 21 March 2021 By Ubedur Rehman Arain

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This presentation covers a number of aspects about the role of women as explained in the Quran. The speaker has explained in detail by referring to various verses of the Quran that woman is absolutely equal to man as she possesses the same self. Following aspects are discussed in this presentation:
1. Equal creation right from the beginning (4:1)
2. Men and women doing the same tasks as part of their self’s development (33:35).
3. Women have the right to own the property (4:32).
4. Equal participation in the state affairs (9:71).
5. Women have a share in inheritance and they should also make a will (2:180). It was then explained as to why in the case of just children daughter has one share and son has two – that too after the will has been executed. Momineen must make a will before they leave this world and decide justly which family member needs more help than others. The will can be made about whole of possessions.
6. Marriage and Divorce issues. Verses are explained and referred and the procedure is explained. Only one man and one woman marriage is allowed by the Quran. Doing justice demands that man must not get into any matter which can affect his self as per the Law of Requital.
7. Equality in punishment as well – also explained the illicit relationship issues.
8. Explained some of the verses which are misinterpreted in the sectarian Islam.
9. Women as witnesses e.g. in writing an agreement – equality as a man and woman as a witness.

There is a Question and Answer session with this presentation. Some topics were further discussed in the light of clarifications sought by various members.
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