ABL Debates Mo Ansar on RT About Religion and Online Censorship (FULL)

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Bob Seger
Bob Seger (@guest_1988)
1 year ago

ABL,  ABL,, Muslims are ALWAYS RIGHT!!!  Just ask one of these indoctrinated fools.

Bob Seger
Bob Seger (@guest_1987)
1 year ago

There few, if any, 100% correct "Opinions" in a debate…. Unless, you are debating a Muslim!  There will never ever sway towards Facts… It is obvious as to why there indoctrinations being shoved down a child's while still breast feeding. If a child is Taught how to think and NOT WHAT TO THINK… that is the key as how one gets to open dialog and open debate.  Mo needs help beyond medication…Mo, you have shown your evilness… and that is what is called a fact!

donald servais
donald servais (@guest_1986)
1 year ago

preach it Anthony you make American founders proud,

mrsignnyc (@guest_1985)
1 year ago

ABL is awesome. Nice to see him on Rt

Love Light
Love Light (@guest_1984)
1 year ago

ABL does not need to debate a totally false, fake and subversive religion.


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