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Science and Religion || Mayim Bialik

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Dude Slick
Dude Slick

That is why you are not Jewish. You are a Deist by your description.

Richard Gorsuch
Richard Gorsuch

Every person on the planet has the same needs. And religions have exploited those human needs. To gain power and control over people.


so in reality your belief in religion is simply a belief in guidelines and ways that humans should proceed with the life they were given. It's interesting that you would consider that religion coming from a scientist. I was raised with no religion or type of religion culture in my lifeand I inherently know I should not kill I should respect those around me and I should treat others the way I'd like to be treated I didn't need religion for that I didn't need someone to write that down for me. If you want to call that instinct religion… Read more »

Lethia Page
Lethia Page

How did I miss this? I love everything you said! To me appreciating the natural world brings me closer to God. I'm a Christian and a BBC documentary hosted by David Attenborough feels a lot like church! Beauty, truth, life, death, right, wrong, and love are all there if you are just willing to see it.


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