Are Alien Civilizations Sending Signals in Bacteria? with Dr. Robert Zubrin

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Charlie W
Charlie W (@guest_1463)
1 year ago

It's an intersting idea, would make some great sci-fi, but seems way too contrived for real life. I've heard the similar idea of sending self-replicating probes out to likely planets – at least that'd be an indisputable sign of ET even if it'd be hard to find, unlike something that exists in your biosphere already doing something 'weird'. All that says for sure is that there's something we don't understand. ET ought to be the last solution we look to only if nothing else seems possible. And would an ET necessarily have DNA at all?

Jim Stone
Jim Stone (@guest_1462)
1 year ago

Ok, this theory is NUTTY. Later

raumschiff (@guest_1461)
1 year ago

An insufferable confusion of metaphors, analogies and half baked ideas.

Carlos Bucio Borja
Carlos Bucio Borja (@guest_1459)
1 year ago

I LOVE this argument and possible theory…


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